Finding Family-Friendly Apartments in Renton WA

Family-Friendly Apartments in Renton WA

There’s no doubt that living in an apartment with kids can present some challenges, but there are many features and amenities that will help make it easier to live in an apartment community with a growing family. Renton apartments aren’t just home to couples and singles. Family-friendly communities like the apartment homes of Lexington Heights are also designed to accommodate families.

What Renton Apartments Amenities are Great for Kids?Playground-Lexington Heights Renton Apartments

The features an adult might value aren’t always the same as what children might enjoy. You might like to see landscaping around the property with beautiful flowers, but your kids would probably prefer a jungle gym or a basketball court.

As you tour apartments for rent in Renton, make a mental note if you see any of the following kid-friendly features. Those apartments should rise to the top of your list.

  • Do the apartments have storage space for toys?
  • Does the apartment community specifically say they’re family-friendly?
  • Are there other families living at the complex?

Apartment living can feel just as rewarding as owning your own house when you live in a community that’s home to many other families and provides your kids with instant friendships and fun on the swing set.

Kid-Safe Questions for Renton Apartments for Rent

You’re fiercely protective of your family, and it’s important to get all your questions answered as you search for your new apartment home.

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You’ll want to keep your eye out for specific features that will ensure your family’s safety and happiness while you live in your apartment. Ask yourself the following questions as you determine whether a residence is family-friendly and safe:

  1. Does the apartment complex have gated access to the property?
  2. Are there dead bolts or new locks on the doors?
  3. Is the complex close to your child’s bus route or school?
  4. Are nearby busy roads blocked by fences?
  5. Is there a pool fence to prevent wayward children from falling in?

Tip: Drive around or visit the apartment complex at night. Are the paths well-lit? Are there ample lights around the parking lot?

Lexington Heights Apartments Renton_EntranceLocation Matters with Kids in Apartments

You may envision a safe, remote retreat where you and your children can grow, play, and learn, but the realities of raising kids today means you need convenient access to things like public transportation, schools, and medical facilities.

Even if you don’t feel like you’d need to make that many trips to the 24-hour pharmacy in the middle of the night,  the one night you do have to go out and get some cough medicine, you’ll be grateful that Lexington Heights is just down the street from food, supplies, and medicine.

Remember: If you’re not under a deadline, take as much time as you can to decide on which apartment complex feels right for you and your family.

Apartments in Renton that feature playgrounds and open spaces or that are close to parks give you and your family the space they need to remain active and healthy. Even if your kids don’t yet have their own yard, it won’t matter when they get to make friends with neighborhood kids at the swimming pool and playground.