Search Tips for Finding a Great Renton Apartment Complex

Finding a Great Renton Apartment

Searching for an apartment doesn’t have to feel like a game of roulette where you’re not sure if you’ll win big or lose everything. The process can actually feel quite smooth when you remain organized and take your time with the search.

Making Your Apartment Search a Brief Affair

Sometimes, time is of the essence, and finding an apartment is something you must accomplish in the span of a month. Finding an apartment in a month isn’t impossible, but it can certainly put a crimp in your ability to find the best apartment.

Will you have to settle for an apartment that doesn’t meet all of your demands? Maybe not if you consider the following as recommended by Forbes:

“While it’s entirely necessary to visit the apartment, you’re considering renting, checking out each and every rental you see online can be a waste of your time. The great thing about the Internet is that you can do the majority of your apartment search without even leaving your home. Pick out three or four apartments that are worth the trip; then schedule an in-person visit.”

Tip: Before you start whittling away at the list of possible apartments, consider narrowing down the neighborhoods in which you want to live before you even begin comparing apartments. Take a quick drive, walk, or ride around your prospective neighborhoods to get a feel for the area.

Try Using a Spreadsheet to Organize Your Search

If you’re looking for an apartment in a large city like Seattle or in a town like Renton, you’ll probably see a significant number of apartments available for rent all over the place and with all sorts of amenities, prices, and features.

Employing a spreadsheet to keep track of the most critical factors of your search can help tremendously. The blog at Dolly reveals:

“Embrace your inner Excel whiz with a master spreadsheet of all the places you’ve found online. Include columns for things like “Price,” “Location,” “Amenities,” “Distance to public transport,” “Nearby Stores,” “Additional Notes,” and a spot indicating whether you’ve called to confirm all listed information is correct.”

You don’t have to be an expert at Excel to create a helpful search and organization file within the program. However, you can also rely on old fashioned paper tracking during your search, or you can use a word processing program like Open Office or Microsoft Word if you still want to use the computer.

If you decide to make a paper file, you can also store sheets of questions to ask the apartment community managers during your search. The official website for most apartment communities will answer most of your questions, but you may have some extras that aren’t so obvious.

You may want to clarify whether the leases are always one year in length or whether six-month contracts are available. Another valuable question is whether you can have guests in your apartment and how long your guests can stay when they visit.

Find a New Home at Lexington Heights in Renton

Do you want a washer and dryer inside your apartment home? Would you like to live in an apartment with expansive, nine-foot ceilings? Would you like to live in a community with beautiful vistas of the Pacific Northwest? Lexington Heights has everything you want in a Renton Apartment. Contact us today for more information.